Kathleen “why do you need to see my picture” Cage

About the staff member!

Bio – Kathleen is a retired Army medic. Her background is in Respiratory Therapy and Polysomnography (Sleep Medicine). She has been reading fantasy and writing short stories for years. She is also an avid gamer RPG Fantasy, survival sandbox, hack-n-slash, co-op, open world, MMORPG, and table-top D20 role play to name a few. She loves creating stories in the Panaceith playground and can’t wait to share more!

Her personal story is below!


Here is a little story about a story! 

I have been writing short stories for fun since as long as I can remember. My biggest problem was finishing said story. Once I figured out where everything was going, it was hard to end the thing! That’s not such a problem anymore. It’s as if there was a big wall in front of me, and I simply forgot it was there. Here is the story of the birth of Panaceith, and I swear it’s all true!

Alexis and I were playing an MMORPG that shall go unnamed. Suffice it to say, we were playing very large, macho characters that weren’t exactly human. Someone made a joke that we should write fan fiction about our characters and call it “Orcrotica”. We laughed. I didn’t think anything like that existed until I went to an online bookstore and realized that it did! (Not just in fan fiction, obviously!)

I proceeded to read three stories about crazy sex with crazy orcs, none of which I liked. They were sexy enough, sure, but the orcs were just there to screw the main damsel character. I wanted to know more about what made them tick. Finally, I decided that if I wanted to read a story like that, where orcs had more personality and voice, I was going to have to write it!

Off I went to write the first 1,500 words of The Red Eye Orc Clan! I started off thinking, “this is going to be a little bit romantic!” Little did I know, my characters, every last one of them, would rebel and have their own plans! I started learning about pitfalls, and character tropes, and things I didn’t know existed that I’m not supposed to do! Also, my half orcs just ran off with my story! So did a wayward barbarian! What is even happening!

What we ended up with was an exciting romp into a culture vastly different from others in Panaceith. I loved it so much, I began writing other stories about the characters that I felt didn’t get enough screen time. Enter Jhori Redblade, the best thing to ever happen to Panaceith! I’m 120,000 words into what I consider her story and the very rich Thewlian Culture of the Silver Island elves. (Silver Isles and Silver Island are interchangeable since the islands are all connected via bridges).

We are finally ready to release Jhori into the wild. She came about the same way the Red Eye Orc Clan did. I was frustrated reading fantasy stories that didn’t have enough complex characters to keep my interest. Again, I was stuck thinking, “If I want that story, I am going to have to write it.”

Bottom line, it’s going pretty great! I am loving this universe, and I hope and pray other people get to enjoy it too!

Kathleen Cage



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