About the staff member!

Alexis retired as a consultant from the pharmaceutical industry. She has a degree in genetics and spent her early years running experiments in the laboratory (muahaha). Now she primarily spends her time doing what she darn well pleases. Which mostly consists of playing video games with her loving hubby and friends, running around in Panaceith with Kathleen, and creating special scrumptious candies at Christmas.

A side note to a story about a story 🙂

For some reason this tiny little bit always gets left out. Maybe its not exciting enough (it isn’t) but it’s important. The thing that prompted the whole conversation about Orcrotica, etc. was that out of the clear blue I said, “Hey, you want to write a book with me?” and to my surprise, without skipping a beat she said, “yes.” I had no idea she had the same start stop thing I had when trying. I just blurted it out on a whim. Best day ever!

We have spent so much time with these people and in this place, I can feel the hard rocky ground under my feet in the narrow streets on the Silver Isles, smell the faint scent of thewlium mixed in the sea air, see the glow of seracha on my skin at night. I am angry when the bad guy wins and gets away with “it” and heartbroken when someone I love has to die and there is nothing I can do about either of these things. You think I can just because I am writing it? HA! Not true. It just doesn’t work like that. Because of this I can’t help but believe that people are going to enjoy visiting Panaceith and meeting everyone too. I can’t wait!

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