The Name Stealer Series

Book 1

It’s getting so a girl can’t loot a dead body anymore! When Jhori Archanel’s father dies, she’s banned from attending the funeral and denied the sword he promised her on his deathbed. Taking matters into her own hands, Jhori steals the sword and heads across the sea in search of adventure where the real trouble begins. From sea monsters to manzels in distress, Jhori forges her own path, learning the hard way that getting involved comes with its own brand of misfortune.

Steward has been sent to find Jhori Archanel and bring her back to the Silver Isles. If she won’t come quietly, she will come as a corpse! He never counted on the world being so big or Jhori being so disagreeable. He thought elven ladies were supposed to be delicate and feminine. But this one keeps swearing at him and when she’s not doing that, she’s trying to seduce him! Steward gets more than he bargained for when he decides to tangle with an Archanel!