The Races of Panaceith

Panaceith is a very young world. How the different races arrived here is a mystery for another day.


There are three known races of elves on Panaceith who actively participate in commerce. They don’t really like one another all that much.

  • Thewlian Elves – Ambitious, monetary based race that lives in a well defined caste system. Most of them are confined to the far west on the Silver Isles, a string of rocky, islands that are connected by elf made land bridges. Thewlian elves are normally pale with light colored eyes and white hair. They take their name from the metal that makes up the basis for their economy and is found naturally on the Silver Isles. 
  • Aralin Elves – A race of gold or olive skinned elves who used to live on Aralin Island until all its inhabitants were either killed or forced to leave the island following the Elf War between Aralin and Thewlian elves. Aralin Elves have a whole range of hair and eye color. Aralin Island sits off the North Western coast of the main continent of Zoria. The water surrounding it is acidic and toxic to the point that sailors must take extra time to bypass it.
  • Grey Elves – Grey Elves confine themselves mainly to the southern most tip of the Zorian continent and the island of Winnetka located in the warmer, southern sea south of the Zorian continent. They have light to dark grey and silvery skin, white, black, or dark purple hair coloring. Most of their contributions to the Panaceith civilization have been science based.



Humans are like cockroaches. They are everywhere, get into everything, and tend to breed out of control. They live all over Panaceith but the bulk of civilized humans live on the main continent of Zoria. Most commerce flows through and around the giant landmass. There is another continent of the far east that rarely makes contact with the Zorians. Most humans filter into specific guilds by the time they are fifteen or sixteen ani.

Humans are very versatile and can pretty much breed with anything. For this reason, there are plenty of humans with questionable lineage running around Zoria.

  • Half-Elves are half-breed elves with an extended lifespan for a human and a shortened one for an elf.
  • Half-Orcs are far more prevalent than anyone wants to admit. It’s apparently very easy to get an orc pregnant and vice-versa. It’s like a scooter. Everyone wants to ride one, no one wants to talk about it.
  • Barbarians are very uncivilized humans living in the most remote, unsettled places in Panaceith.
  • Blood Drinkers are a race cursed humans who live on Seracha Island, nicknamed “Blood-Drinker Island”
  • Little People are thought to be another breeding anomaly among humans. They are very rare.



The Orcs only trade with humans one the fringes of rural society. They spend most of their time mistrusting every other race, including other orc tribes and attacking or raiding caravans along the Red River Valley that connects the Northern and Southern Zorian continent.

There are many more half-orcs than everyone in the world is comfortable with.



They are thought to be extinct. Dwarfs do exist, but there are so few, and they have been breeding with humans, they are no longer considered a race, but rather a genetic anomaly. Ancient deep dwarves vanished from Panaceith 500 ani before the Elf War.  The engineering capability they left behind has been borrowed by many races via the equipment found in their mines. 



While  technically not from Panaceith, Fairies definitely live among these people. Fairies are from Ryza and gather their magic from nature. They are governed by the Lady of the Forest which is an elected position and not something passed down within a family. The Lady of the Forest has a council with which she consults but she is not bound by council decision.