Glossary of terms unique to Panaceith

*Glossary of terms:


All-Speak – The human language and also the language commonly spoken by all.

Anum – Year. Ani (pronounced an – eye) is the plural.

Aralin Elves

A race of elves mostly made up of adventurers and sailors. As a whole Aralin elves were always considered nomads and the destruction of their home caused by the Elf War forced the remainder of their number into the nomadic life they seemed to enjoy and be destined to have. Aralin elves have golden skin and a full range of eye and hair color that includes blue.

Arbordis Font – The tree where the fairy babies spend their time growing until they are ready to be born.

Azure Elves – Blue-green skinned, ocean dwelling elves, thought to be a myth. Nothing is known about them, but sailors tell stories of them and minstrels sing songs of them. For this reason, they can be referred to as Ocean Elves, Swimmer Elves, Myre Elves, and Sea People interchangeably.

Bal Mal – An orc tribe that was wiped out by the Kuku Su.

The Big Bird – Name given to the postal service that operates between ports using large Albatross-like birds to carry small letters.

Birthday Parting – After an elven noble dies, they normally get one last birthday party. Like a wake, but with a poisonous cake.

Blood Drinkers – A group of cursed humans who must drink fresh blood every full Seracha moon or suffer an agonizing death. Also called “Drinkers” and “Cursed ones”.

Blue Spells – Curses and death spells

Blushberry Bush – A large bush with triangular shaped leaves that are periwinkle blue in color. Bushes grow to be approximately 2.5 meters tall and 1.5 meters wide. The berries are round, cerise pink in color, and are about 2 cm in diameter when ripe. The berries are sweet and taste sort of like a cross between raspberries and strawberries. They are used to make juice, pies, jams, candies, etc.

Brumble Bugs – Butterfly-like insects with glowing bodies and deep red wings that are tipped with yellow.  They live inside the Fire Flowers, resting in them at night, making the flowers appear to flicker with fire from a distance.  This is what gives the unique Red Valley its name.

Bubble Cubby – Pocket dimension

Buzz Bats – small bats that live in the cave system below the silver isles, known for their ability to remain silent until they are about to bite you. The bite is harmless. The bats will eat anything living on the Silver Isles, including insects, animals, fruit, and vegetation, and are considered vermin.  When someone says you are “buzz bats” it can mean you are very annoying or crazy.

Celestial – The main, human religion dominating Zoria.

Current – A power source of magical energy fed by the souls of deceased elves. Elves who follow the Current believe all life originates and eventually falls back to the Current.

Dream Tea – A tea cultivated on Blood Island and is also grown in private gardens.

Genesis Razing – The party that takes place in the spring when the fairies are born.

Greys – Elves that inhabit an island south of the continent of Zoria. Their skin ranges in color from charcoal to light grey, and they have white, black, or dark purple hair.

Halfer -Slang term for someone who is half human and half elf.

Name Stealer – When a low born Thewl marries a high status noble under suspicious circumstances and becomes a noble themselves. It is not uncommon for adults that were adopted into a noble family to be referred to as name stealers as well.

Neechy Worm – A small orange worm between 3 and 4 inches long, used by farmers in composting. Also used in derogatory remarks.

Rewind Spell – A restricted fairy spell that will rewind a set amount of time to be lived over. The Lady of the Forest must give permission to cast or cast herself.

Ryza – The fairy realm, a dimension located next to Panaceith.

Samer – a human who is attracted to the same gender as themselves. In human culture, all samers are thought to be able to access magic and only samers are allowed to study and practice magic.  

Scanty – A weakened area between realms, where the fabric between the worlds has been worn thin.

Soft around the ears – Slang term elves use to suggest that someone (another elf) has human blood in their lineage.

Spanse – Realm or plane of existence.  

Telepaper – Magical communication device.

Thaumaturgy –  Powerful elven magicians with inherent magical talent who are able to utilize the Current as a source of energy, making their magic more powerful. They act as curators for the Mirror Crypts.

Thewl Elves – A race of aristocratic elves known for having pale skin, light colored eyes, and white hair.  They make up the bulk of the nobility on the Silver Isles.

Thewlie – A low born elf, normally living on the crowded east side of the Silver Isles.

Thewlium – A type of metal only found on the Silver Isles, and is the reason the elves there are called Thewl Elves, it is a slightly softer metal than iron, but useful for making daggers, and smaller, ranged weapons. The metal is also darker in color than iron. Thewlium is the heart of the elven trade and craftsmanship on the Silver Isles.  

Twinkling – Fairy travel between spanses.

Varicat – An animal that looks similar to a baby seal but has paws and a long tail. Is covered in fur and comes in all colors. Native of the fairy realm, Ryza, and is thought to be extinct. Is the size of a large handbag/tote and its only source of food is magic.

Xume – Kaland’s daughter. We love her so much we wanted everyone to know how her name is pronounced, Zoom-ie


* This glossary of terms is complete for all Panaceith novels currently written or in production.