About Religion and Panaceith

Religion varies among the different races of Panaceith. There is no deific worship of gods, goddesses or otherwise deific figures anywhere in the world.

  • Elves – Their religion is heavily tied to the Current. There is no Heaven or Hell, there is only the energy they become when they die. they do not pray, they meditate (called “Reflection”). Elves believe that the Current is where they draw their magical energy from. In this way, elves can be thought of as worshipers of magic though this varies from race to race. 
  • Humans – The majority of humans follow the Celestial. Whatever the Celestial has written/ teaches about magic and the afterlife, is taken as fact. Humans believe when they die, they will become pure light. They pray and curse the Celestial in equal measure.
    • The Celestial strictly controls magic within Zoria. They have their own soldiers/ task force that does nothing but police magic, sniff out users of illegal magic, and enforce magical law. (Magic doesn’t breed.)
  • Orcs – They pray/ curse their Ancestors as needed. The afterlife would consist of them becoming ancestors themselves provided they impressed their dead relatives enough.
  • Fairies – Fairies don’t have anything called a religion but they have a great respect for nature which is so intense that some other creatures might think they have a nature based religion.