About Magic and Panaceith

Magic in the world of Panaceith has a high cost on the wielder.


Since humans are on the brink of their magical age (a period of time when an overabundance of gifted magicians will be born), they have very strict rules for practicing magic.

    • People are either born with magic or they are not. Genetically speaking, people with a preference for same sex relationships more often than not, have magical ability. (Called “Samers”) This is not always the case, as some Non-Samers are born with “Wild Magic”.
    • The Celestial texts outline how Samers are to be trained in the use of magic and that only Samers are allowed to practice magic. Using Wild Magic is a punishable offense. Samers are also made to take a vow that they will refrain from trying to have children in part to ensure “magic doesn’t breed”. 
    • A magician or “Magic” has a certain number of spells they can cast in a day before they have to rest. If a Magic overextends the use of their power, they risk harming themselves or even aging themselves prematurely. The average life-span for a human healer is fifty ani.
    • The Magical University in Conjuring located on the Zorian continent is the only professional training facility for Magics in Panaceith.


Elves are thought to draw their magical abilities from the Current that founds the basis of their religion/ belief system. Much like humans, they are born with their abilities and hone them into categories of spells over time (like elemental magic or healing magic).



Faries are a race of magical beings who draw their magic from nature. They aren’t really from Panaceith and do not follow the same rules.