Kaland’s Wedding

At long last!

I wanted to do a free short story/ companion fic forever that told the real story of Kaland Archanel’s wedding. How he went from spoiled noble to entrepreneur was very interesting for me. Kaland is probably my favorite character on the Silver Isles and that is saying something because I have a real affinity for bad guys and that series of interconnected rocks they call Isles holds some of the coolest characters! If these guys would stop being so interesting, I could get back to Zoria! The story turned out to be full of so much joy. I cried at the end and I hope it brings a smile to the face of whoever reads it. We wanted to give Kaland as many “Bridezilla” moments as we could. I hope in the end we got there and that it adds a layer of depth to Kaland’s otherwise sober/ serious demeanor.

It’s also a small window into the world of Thewlian Elf culture that Alexis and I have so carefully crafted. (Wasn’t this supposed to be about half-orc girl porn? What’s with all the elves?) This has been a blast and a journey. That we are finally getting to share this universe with people makes me hella-excited!






Alexis To-Do List:

  • Make a Panaceith Lore Page (I don’t really “website”)
    • Put stuff on it!
  • Write Stuff – Misty, A Fary’s Tale


Kathleen To-Do List:

  • Write Stuff – Red Blade Extras: Dorris and Jhori, adventures in body-snatching (damn faries)
  • Panaceith Lore Stuff!
  • Fun Facts about Panaceith

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