Fun Facts About Panaceith!

  • Thewlium is based on a real chemical element (Thulium), used in X-Ray devices.
  • Kathleen named a character for each author’s husband. One of them died right away.
  • A few of the characters were named with express permission after the author’s gamer friends!
  • The orc storyline started out as a joke when Alexis and Kathleen were playing orcs in a video game and decided to write what they called “Orcrotica”
  • All the stories were supposed to be experiments in smut. We aren’t sure what happened.
  • The name “Kaland” came from the word “Calendar”. Kathleen has been using the name as a gamer tag to play an elf of the same name since 2006.
  • The Darius character was created by Alexis and named for a Persian King by the same name who ruled Persia around 500 B.C. Kathleen originally wrote him as a butler/ servant type character and Alexis fought hard for Darius to get more status in the family. Companion Culture on the Silver Isles was entirely shaped around him. (damn you Alexis!) 
  • “Archanel” literally translates to “Mages of the Arcane.” (In what language, we are not sure!)
  • Jhori was originally “Jhorhee”, over the course of the first story, she changed her name, but beta readers kept getting confused.
  • Jhori is left handed because Kathleen and Alexis are left-handed!
  • Samers were given particular attention in the stories because the authors wanted to explore how different culture would develop if sexuality were considered a precursor for magical ability and rules were followed specifically because someone in a book said so. The Rory character is an example of challenging doctrine.
  • Alexis wrote Misty’s story as a counterbalance to the Name Stealer Series which casts fairies as the villains. Now they are “Misunderstood Villians” (damn you Alexis!) 
  • Steward was originally not meant to have a major role. The name Steward was given to him because that was his job title. Over time, the authors realized Steward was damn important and the second part of Redblade is from his POV.
  • The Angelica character wasn’t supposed to have such a large role. Her struggle was so compelling, they folded her into more of the story!
  • The Ivy family is named for Kalthleen’s favorite cousin who is an avid reader!
  • Zoria is based on the name of Kathleen’s hometown.
  • Birch Hill and the island of Winnetka are both based on cities important to Alexis.
  • The city of New Tennant was originally called Zoratia, but beta readers kept getting confused. Frankly, so did the authors. So the name was changed to “New Tennant” in honor of the authors’ favorite Doctor.
  • The color red is significant for Kathleen and it sneaks into her writing all the time. (Red Valley and Redblade are fine examples). The colors of lavender or magenta are almost always Alexis’ doing as those colors are meaningful to her!
  • The hot wine drink in the world of Panaceith is based on Kathleen’s favorite holiday drink, gluhwein. Because why wait until the holidays to drink hot wine?
  • Drugs on the Silver Isles are based (in part) on real drugs. Alexis is a real-life genetics scientist and a chemistry major. She had a big hand in crafting any drug or medicine used in Panaceith. She also works hard on how genetics work in the universe! To date, we do not know of any drugs that will assist a necromancer in raising you from the dead after you’ve eaten it.
  • Neither of us realized that we would have to research little things…like sailing, mining, wood carving, oligarchies, city engineering, bridges, or indoor plumbing (seriously, indoor plumbing is so damn important).
  • There is no such thing as gods/ deities/ demons or the worship of supreme beings in Panaceith. There is no heaven or no hell. Each culture has a unique outlook on the afterlife and spirituality but there are no deific figures in the Panaceith verse. Angelica is just another name.
  • There is no such thing as royalty on Panaceith. Most political systems are representative based much like the primitive system of government used in Ancient Greece. The words King/ Queen/ Prince/ Princess, Majesty, Highness, etc does not exist.
  • There are a list of banned words and swear words the authors are forbidden from using.
  • Azure Elves were not supposed to be in any of the stories. When one showed up in a draft, a great deal of lore showed up with him (and her). A bit of their history and culture is based on Pictish Warriors or “Blue People”. Azure elves are not called by that name at first. In fact, they are called by several different names (water elves, ocean elves, swimmer elves). It’s a descriptive term and provides a lot of space for intellectual arguments in taverns over ale. Since the elves do not speak a known language and they are so rare, no one can really go up to one of them and ask, “so what’s with all the swimming?” Fun Bonus Fact! Kathleen wrote the Trill character first. Ace followed in a subsequent draft of another story. Trill was cut from that story and folded into the next. Those fifty pages of his entrance were mostly from Darius’ POV and things just…got…weird. They might never be recovered.

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