Between the Lines

Kathleen and I know the people of Panaceith intimately, where they were born, how they grew up, what their lives were like when they were children and the many things that happen to them on a daily basis. Kathleen and I discuss these things, we ponder them, we write about them, and then discuss them some more. These are things that are impossible for the reader to know unless it becomes an important point in the current story being told. Yet, we know. We are overflowing with this information. For instance, Jhori is 135 years old when you first meet her, certainly she must have done something interesting during that time. Some of it is just mundane facts for timelines and place holders but there are many other things we talk about that end up being interesting little tidbits of information and we can't put everything in the book. Everything doesn't fit. Everything doesn't belong. And it doesn't even necessarily belong in the next one either. So, what's a girl to do? What we did was create, Between the Lines. This is a place where we will be talking about what our friends are doing or have done outside of the books and it’s a place where you can get to know them a little better too. The first person we want to tell you about is Jhori's brother Kaland. He is one of our favorite people and we want to tell you about his wedding. Thewlian elves have some rather, let's just say odd, customs and weddings are no exception. Kaland's wedding was very special.